Here are some of the frequently asked questions

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What are hang nails and what product would be the best to clear them?

Hangnails are very common and can be caused by several things. Many people experience hangnails when their skin is dry such as during the drier, colder days of winter or with repeated hand washings.

Hangnails can also be caused by trauma such as a paper cut or excessive finger picking. Those who have a habit of picking their nails and the surrounding areas are more likely to get hangnails than those who do not.

The best would be our Cuticle Salve. It contains the perfect moisturising blend of 3 reviving oils - jojoba oil, sweet almond, castor oil. Each natural oil has been selected to offer caring benefits to encourage hydrated cuticles and lateral side walls. Gently massage the oil into the nail and cuticle everday for maximum care and repair.

What is the difference between the strengthener and hardener?

The strengthening and peeling nail serum, which is also our strengthener is formulated for moderately weak and peeling nails that would like to increase their flexibilty.

Whereas, the protein nail rescue is formulated for brittle and severly damaged nails that would require hardening in order to overcome breakage.

How long should I use the products before any noticeable change?

It all depends on the extent of damage.

Nails with less damage will certainly take a shorter time than nails that have extreme damage.

Nails normally take time to grow that is between 90-120 days to fully grow out a damaged nail.

On average we say you should notice a change atleast after a month with consistent use.

My Oil Has Changed Color. It Looks Pale Compared To the golden color it was when I received it.

Sunlight causes the oil to change colors. The process is called Photo Bleaching. This usually starts to happen within 6-12 months. It’s best to store larger sizes of the oil in a dark space, like the refrigerator or freezer. Avoid storing your oil in the bathroom near the shower or in your car.

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