Top Nail Care Trends: Stay Fashionable and Keep Your Nails Healthy

Beautiful, healthy nails are always in style. With fun colors, creative designs, and new techniques, you can make a fashion statement while taking good care of your nails. Jada Kenya shares the top nail care trends to help you stay on top of the latest looks. Follow these tips to keep your nails strong and fabulous.

Moisturize for Healthy Nails

Keeping nails hydrated is vital for growth and strength. In hand creams, look for moisturizing ingredients like vitamin E, shea butter, and jojoba oil. Daily massage the cream to your cuticles and nails. Apply an overnight hand mask once a week for an extra moisture boost. The extra conditioning will help nails grow longer and resist cracking and splitting.

Use a Base Coat

Nail care enthusiasts know that a good base coat actively provides nails with a smooth surface, preventing chips and stains, thus extending the life of your manicure. Choose a nourishing base coat enriched with calcium or biotin for added benefits. Choose specialized base coats to prevent yellowing, ensuring your nails stay vibrant. Apply this protective layer thinly and evenly to clean nails before applying polish for optimal results in nail care.

Explore Creative Nail Designs

Nail art takes manicures from simple to sensational. The latest trends include fruit slices, florals, geometrics, and marble. The options are endless for pattern possibilities. Start with easy stick-on decals or use tape to create stripes, chevrons, or color blocks. For more intricate designs, experiment with dotting tools and striping brushes. YouTube tutorials can inspire unique looks. Don’t forget the top coat to seal and protect the design.

Give Press-Ons a Try

Press-on nails have come a long way from the plastic tips of the past. Now made with thinner, flexible material, press-ons grip better for a comfortable, natural look. Full cover options last 7-10 days. For shorter wear, try nail stickers, slides, or half-tips adhered just to the top of the nails. Press-ons allow you to change up nail length and shape quickly. They offer an affordable option while giving nails a break to recover thickness and strength.

Use Cuticle Oils and Creams

Active nail care involves maintaining tidy cuticles, delivering a polished manicure, and warding off troublesome hangnails. Nevertheless, heed caution, as forcefully pushing back or clipping cuticles can harm your nails. To foster healthier cuticles, gently push them back post-bathing when the skin is soft and pliable. 

Avoid actively cutting living cuticle tissue, as it can lead to infection. Massage cuticle oil or creams into your cuticles daily, actively moisturizing the nail matrix and promoting robust, healthy growth.

Try Powder or Gel Manicure

Longer-lasting polish means less exposure to removers, which can dry out nails. Powder manicures use a polymer powder applied layer by layer over primer. Cured under UV or LED light, the powder creates a chip-free, high-gloss finish lasting 2-3 weeks. Be sure to properly remove gels to avoid excessive nail plate thinning over time.

Give Nails a Break

Give your nails some much-needed care by taking a break from polish every few months. Trim and shape your nails, then apply hydrating oil morning and evening to strengthen them. This will prevent cracking and peeling when you resume your nail care routine.

Use Bright Colors and Glitter

Vibrant colors and sparkling glitter take manicures from mundane to marvelous. Pink, red, and neon shades feel fresh for spring and summer. Deep plums, emeralds, and metallics transition well for fall and winter. Add glitter polish or confetti flecks as an accent over a neutral base color. Limit glitter to ring fingers or paint just the tip for a pop of sparkle. Remove polish every 4-5 days before it starts to chip for maximum shine.

Bottom Line

Explore trendy nail care with Jada Kenya. Nourish and protect your nails for strength and health. Show off your style with on-trend colors and designs year-round. Contact us to learn more about our nail care products and services. 

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