The Ultimate Guide to Nail Care: Preventing and Treating Brittle Nails in Kenya

The Ultimate Guide to Nail Care: Preventing and Treating Brittle Nails in Kenya

Having beautiful, polished nails is essential for any stylish Kenyan woman. But dry, brittle nails that easily crack and split can be a nuisance and embarrassment. Kenya's hot, arid climate often contributes to nails becoming parched and fragile over time. Do not hide your hands - diligent care and the best nail care treatments can strengthen your nails for flawless beauty.

What Leads to Brittle Nails?

Several culprits cause nails to become dehydrated and brittle. Exposure to chemicals in products like nail polish remover, detergents, and cleaning solutions strips away moisture from the nail bed. 

Spending lots of time with wet nails, such as washing dishes or doing laundry, also overhydrates nails, causing them to expand and weaken. Habits like consistent nail biting or tearing lead to stress, making nails more prone to splitting and chipping.

Medical conditions, including thyroid disorders, fungal infections, and anemia, can also affect nail health. Certain medications for acne, anxiety, and blood pressure are also very drying and lead to brittleness. Even the natural aging process causes nails to become more prone to cracking as you age.

Steps to Prevent Brittle Nails

Even if you are prone to brittle nails due to genetics or environmental factors, you can take proactive steps to prevent dryness and breakage. 

Be diligent about wearing gloves when using any products with harsh chemicals to minimize exposure. Limit the total time your hands spend immersed in water during housework and chores. After washing up, thoroughly dry your nails and apply a hydrating oil or salve.

Choose a gentle filing technique, softly buffing in one direction rather than aggressive back-and-forth motions that thin the nails. Keep your nails trimmed and polished to avoid the temptation to pick and peel. Also, you can take supplements like biotin, vitamin E, and calcium, which fortify fragile nails from the inside out.

Jada’s Products for Brittle Nails

Jada offers excellent nail care products in Kenya formulated to combat brittle nails, including:

  • Protein Nail Rescue - Packed with protein, citrus extracts, and vitamin E to reinforce thin spots.
  • Anti-Peeling Nail Serum - Keratin, biotin, and calcium strengthen nails and prevent peeling. It also contains jojoba oil and other natural ingredients to nourish cuticles.

Fixing Already Brittle Nails

It is not too late to restore damaged, brittle nails to a healthy state. Use a weekly hydrating oil soak or moisturizing treatment to condition and soften them deeply. Invest in a high-quality glass nail file and lightly buff away roughness. Apply a nutrient-rich overnight cuticle repair cream and schedule professional manicures to trim away cracked edges and seal in moisture.

For severe brittleness, prescription ointments or oral medications may be necessary. Quitting smoking can also prevent further drying and yellowing. With consistent TLC, your nails can transform from brittle to beautiful.

Bottom Line

Caring for your nails not only looks great but protects your fingers, too. Do not settle for dry, cracked nails - nurture them to complement your natural beauty. You can restore strength and shine with diligent moisturizing, nutritious eating, Jada products, and treatments made for brittle nails. Show off those flawless nails with pride.

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