Effects of Cold Weather on Natural Nails and Tips on How to Prevent Them from Breaking

Effects of Cold Weather on Natural Nails and Tips on How to Prevent Them from Breaking

The cold season is here, and with it comes several issues. While you may enjoy the welcome break from the heat and the cozy sweaters, your nails may not. Cold weather can dry out, crack, or break your natural nails. It would help to explore why this happens and how to prevent it. Follow these tips to have healthy and strong nails.

Why Does Cold Weather Affect Your Nails?

Cold weather reduces the moisture and oil levels in your skin and nails. This makes them dry, brittle, and prone to breakage. Cold weather also causes your nails to contract and expand due to temperature changes. This can create stress and cracks in your nail plate, leading to splitting or peeling. Moreover, cold weather exposes your nails to harsh elements, such as wind, which can damage your nail surface and cuticles.

How to Prevent Your Nails from Breaking in Cold Weather

Following some simple nail care tips, you can prevent your nails from breaking in cold weather. Here are some of them:

Keep Your Nails Hydrated

Apply a moisturizing nail product, such as Jada Kenya’s Cuticle Oil. It hydrates and protects your cuticles and nails with natural oils. Apply several drops onto your nails and massage it gently into your cuticles and nail bed. Do this every day or every time you wash your hands.

Wear Gloves

Protect your nails from the cold, wind, or salt by wearing gloves when you go outside or do any chores involving water or chemicals. Choose gloves that are warm, comfortable, breathable, and well-fitting.

Trim and File Your Nails Regularly

Keep your nails in good shape and prevent them from snagging or tearing by trimming and filing them regularly. You should trim and file your nails every week or two, using a sharp and clean nail clipper or scissors and a fine-grit nail file from Jada Kenya. Cut your nails straight across, leaving a little white at the tips. Avoid cutting them too short or too round. File your nails in one direction only, from the sides to the center.

Apply a Base and Topcoat

Make your polish last longer and prevent discoloration or yellowing by applying a base coat and a topcoat when you polish your nails. Use high-quality base coat and topcoat products like Jada Kenya’s So Clingy Base Coat and Oh Snap Topcoat. These products strengthen and harden your nails with keratin and silica. They also have fast drying and non-yellowing formulas that add shine and sparkle to your nails.

Time to Protect Your Nails from Cold Weather

Follow these nail care tips for cold weather, and you will have healthy, strong nails that will make you feel confident and happy. Your nails deserve the best care from Jada Kenya, especially in cold weather. That is why we created the best nail care tips and products for cold weather that will protect your nails from drying out, cracking, or breaking. Discover how to keep your nails in top shape with Jada Kenya.
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