Nail Care for Different Nail Types: Customizing Your Routine for Optimal Results

Nail Care for Different Nail Types: Customizing Your Routine for Optimal Results

Not all nails are the same. Nail type and condition can vary significantly from person to person. That is why simply using a one-size-fits-all approach to nail care will not cut it. For stunning, healthy nails, it is essential to customize your manicure routine based on your individual nail properties. Read Jada's tips for tailoring nail care to match your unique nail type.

Identify Your Nail Type

The first step is determining your nail characteristics. There are three main nail types:

  • Hard, Dense Nails: This strong nail plate resists chipping and peeling. However, excessive thickness can cause difficulty shaping.
  • Soft, Thin Nails: These flexible nails bend rather than crack under pressure. But they are prone to splitting and breaking.
  • Brittle, Dry Nails: Lacking moisture, these nails snap and peel easily. The weak structure also causes them to split vertically.

Examine your nail shape, texture, and typical behavior to identify your type and appropriate nail care routine. Those with multiple nail types can use different approaches on individual fingers.

Hard, Dense Nails

The challenge with strong, dense nails is keeping them filed into the desired shape. Tough nails dull standard nail files quickly. Invest in high-quality files like the Jada Nano Glass Nail File for efficient shaping and smoothing.

Soak nails before filing to soften slightly for easier removal of excess thickness. Do not aggressively scrape nails thinner; consistent light filing prevents cracking. Buff gently to reduce roughness and add shine.

Moisturize often to keep rigid nails from becoming brittle. Massage in thick, nourishing creams containing jojoba, vitamin E, or shea butter. For added softening before polishing, apply an oil-based cuticle remover.

Soft, Thin Nails

With thin, soft nails, preventing splits and tears during your nail care routine is the priority. Keep nails short to minimize pressure and injury risks. Oval and square shapes distribute force better than sharp points.

Prioritize strengthening ingredients like biotin, calcium, and proteins in nail products. Use every step as an opportunity to reinforce thin nails. Apply multiple layers of base coat for extra protection before polish. Seal in moisture with an oil-rich top coat.

Wrap the tips with silk or fiberglass wraps to prevent peeling and splitting. Limit water exposure by wearing gloves for cleaning and bathing. Keep nails dry to avoid expansion and contraction.

Brittle, Dry Nails

The constant battle with brittle nails is maintaining flexibility to prevent cracking and peeling. Daily hydration is vital for improving pliability and resilience.

Look for oils containing jojoba, coconut, and avocado. Gently push back cuticles and massage oil into the nails and skin. Shea butter creams also provide intense moisture. Wear cotton-lined gloves after applying oils or creams to maximize absorption.

Nail strengtheners that contain formaldehyde help reinforce weak nails prone to splitting vertically. Limit use to every other day to avoid excessive hardness. Buff regularly to reduce thickness rather than trimming brittle nails short.

Customize Your Jada Products

With Jada Kenya’s wide selection of nail care products, you can easily customize a routine for your specific nail needs. Our collection includes:

  • Intensive hydrating creams and oils
  • Reinforcing base and top coats
  • Nourishing nail polishes and treatments
  • Strength-boosting nail hardeners
  • Cuticle softening oils and removers

Consult our nail experts for product recommendations suited to your nail properties. You will achieve healthy, beautiful nails that reflect your style with the proper routine. Jada has everything you need to create a manicure tailored just for you. Contact us for more information. 

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