Nail Care during Seasonal Changes: Tips to Protect Your Nails in Winter and Summer

Nail Care during Seasonal Changes: Tips to Protect Your Nails in Winter and Summer

With the transition between seasons comes a shift in weather that can wreak havoc on nails. Exposure to winter cold and dry air or summer heat and humidity alters nails, making them more prone to damage. Adjusting your nail care routine helps defend against seasonal stressors so your nails stay healthy year-round.

Winter Weather Woes

Frigid temperatures, wind, and low moisture levels in winter leave nails dry and brittle. Indoor heating further removes humidity from the air, exacerbating the problem. As nails lose hydration, they become weaker and more susceptible to painful splits and cracks.

Tips for Winter Nail Care

  • Apply rich, nourishing hand creams multiple times daily. Ultra-hydrating oils include coconut, olive, and shea butter. Massage in thoroughly.
  • Massage cuticle oil into nails and skin at least twice daily. When the cuticles are softer, the oils will sink in better if applied after bathing.
  • Upgrade your moisturizer to an overnight hand mask. The prolonged conditioning minimizes water loss while you sleep.
  • Wear gloves when outdoors and when doing chores involving water or chemicals. Trapped moisture softens cuticles and nails.
  • Avoid excessive trimming. Keep nails slightly longer to prevent painful breaks and tears.
  • Get a bi-weekly manicure to monitor nail health. Have a professional shape and buff for strength.

Summer Skincare Struggles

Hot and humid summer weather brings its own set of nail damage risks. Increased sweat and water exposure lead to expanded nails. The fluctuation in shape strains the nail attachment and causes painful lifting of the edges. More prolonged exposure to UV rays can also yellow and darken natural nails.

Smart Summer Nail Tips

  • Apply sunscreen to hands and nails to protect from burning and pigmentation. Reapply after handwashing.
  • Stay hydrated to lessen the brittleness brought on by sweating and dehydration.
  • Choose a nail strengthener containing hydrolyzed wheat protein and calcium to reinforce nails against swelling.
  • Avoid prolonged water submersion. Wear gloves for household chores and limit time in pools and hot tubs.
  • Apply a nail hardener 2-3 times weekly to add flexibility and prevent cracks and chips. Let it fully dry.
  • Get regular manicures and limit polish time to allow nails to recover strength. Give them a break.
  • File nails into shorter square or oval shapes to minimize tip expansion pressure.
  • Reduce the use of soap, which can dry out nails and skin. Limit to once a day.

Adjusting Your Jada Routine

Preparing nails for seasonal shifts requires changing up your product selection. Incorporate nail care that counteracts the effects of winter dryness and summer humidity.

Winter Protection

  • Heavy hand creams with shea or cocoa butter to deeply moisturize
  • Deeply moisturizing oils like argan, jojoba, or vitamin E to hydrate
  • Nourishing base and top coats infused with biotin to strengthen
  • Thick overnight masks and paraffin treatments to lock in moisture

Summer Shield

  • Oil-free hydrating nail polish and treatments to add flexibility
  • Nail hardeners and strengtheners to prevent splits and cracks
  • Quick dry top coat to limit water exposure and swelling
  • Broad-spectrum sunscreen for hands and nails to prevent burning
  • Calcium-rich nail builders and hardeners to reinforce weak nails

With Jada’s complete selection of nail care, you can adjust your routine to defend your nails against seasonal stress. Contact our nail experts to find the best products to meet the needs of your nails in every climate. Maintaining healthy, beautiful nails is easy all year long with Jada.

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